Collection Report | Ana Locking Spring 2010

For spring 2010 Ana Locking has done a complete 360, far going black and gray as previously done for something a bit more colorful but just as playful and energetic. It seems only accurate, as Ana Locking designer Ana González sees fashion as a direct release from everyday pressures, "from the moment we accept that medicines exist in that space between life and death, and we accept that pleasure produces a relief of pressures, we find that any kind of antidote, in this case fashion, even without a reason, can supply vital, emotional and sense relief." And I must say I concur, as I have had a complete emotional release upon seeing just what she dreamed up for spring. Vibrant colors and prints abound, the collection goes against the grain with somewhat feminine patterns and fabrics like silk and satin. Showstopping with padded shoulders and lots of sheer pieces, the collection, in sorts, mocks what menswear has evolved into...traditional menswear, and goes for innovative in a way that is just as enjoyable to look at as it is to wear. Light, deep, and sheen, shimmering colors are showcased throughout and though I am enjoying the masculinity that is menswear right now (after all, we are men), its a fresh awakening that come spring its time to reinvent yourself. And I'm up for the challenge!


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Love the blazers and the padded shoulders.

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