Happy Halloween

Thanks to Andre Alexander, who won a year-long subscription to GQ magazine. And if you didn't win, man up and buy your own (available at all book stores, CVS, etc.).
Oh yeah, and how scary is this editorial from EXIT magazine. Photographed by Klaus Thymann...even a mutant snowman can be stylish.
Happy Halloween!


Style Report | Halloween Displays

Without sounding too dorky, I appreciate store window displays that make me stop and look - after all, that is what they are meant for. Window displays are meant to garner attention; Halloween is a time of the year where retailers really put extra attention into relevance, detail, and attention grabbing. No other place is this more on display than Bleecker Street in the West Village of NYC. A mecca of retail heaven, their Halloween window displays go to prove that fashion doesn't have to give way to fright and inspiration can be found in all corners of existence. Take Ralph Lauren's "Double-L-R" store(above), for example. Their use of skeleton derived mannequins not only paints a vivid picture of controversy that has always plagued the industry but also makes use of the holiday and time of the year with oranges, browns, grays, and reds - resembling the metamorphosis of the leaves during fall. And leave it to Marc Jacobs(below) to go above and beyond in making a statement. I must admit, their floor-to-ceiling wall completely covered with bones is very cool.


Style Report | Easy Halloween Ideas

Yes, you heard right - Halloween is tomorrow. If your in a pinch for a costume, both for time and money, and want to look like an adult, I have got two ideas that require items that you already own and no crazy mask - after all, who said fashion had to give way to fright?
With his untimely death and This Is It premiering earlier this week, what better way to pay tribute to the late Michael Jackson than with an ode to his iconic style? Surprisingly effortless, it takes no work at all to get this look that Michael made symbolic. Take a pair of black trousers, hike them up in the waist or hem the bottom so that they are ankle-length. Add a pair of thick, white socks and black loafers and your practically 'moon walk' ready. Pair that with a white v-neck and button-down shirt(leave it unbuttoned) and you are good to go. Go even further in completing the look with a black fedora, and your without doubt making the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, proud.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy, or for whatever reason you don't have those basics in your closet, try Mad Men on for size. Instead of heading home on Friday evening in your usual routine, and jumping out of that suit and into comfy sweats, keep it on. Pair it with a basic width tie(away with the CEO-wide ties people), tie bar, and white pocket square and you are almost there. Slick back the hair, part intact, and your an honest Don Draper in the flesh. Bonus funny points for keeping a cocktail at hand.

Editorial Report | Layering Affect

Sean Harju and Travis Davenport illustrate the layering affect for Style Magazine. Shot by Massimo Pamparana, it needn't be said that it is the season for layering. And what's shaping up to be a cold winter for the DC-area, it seems only appropriate to try out a trend that is every-bit weather concious. Layer away, just keep those turtlenecks from under your button-downs.


Style Report | Steal the Time

The creme de la creme in watches is something that we all aspire to own sooner or later. Rolex, Cartier, Movado, and the list could go on and on. Thanks to Steal the Time, however, it has become that much easier to reach those aspirations...or at least rent them.

Steal the Time, a watch-rental company and product of genius entrepreneurship, helps you get the style of an authentic luxury watch temporarily or decide whether you are willing to dig deep down to keep the style permanently. Offering leases on fine timepieces by the week, you can decide to keep it for an extended period of time and a portion of your rental fee will go towards an eventual purchase.

If that's not smart thinking then I don't know what is. stealthetime.com

Giveaway | GQ Subscription

Another giveaway contest is underway...this time a year-long subscription to GQ magazine is up for grabs. Starting with the upcoming December 2009 issue, the winner will get GQ magazine delivered to them in the mail up until the December 2010 issue.
To enter, all that is required is a simple statement about why you read GQ magazine. That is it. Its that simple. This can be done by twitter(if you aren't following District Cut, what are you waiting for?), email at contact@districtcut.com, or a comment on this post. Be sure to include your name and email address.
You have until Friday, October 30 to enter. The winner will be announced Saturday, October 31.


Exclusive Report | Macy’s Introduces a Designer Diffusion Line Exclusively for Men

From Target to H&M and Uniqlo, ladies' designer diffusion lines are a fact of our society that tends to show-up too often; and not enough in menswear. Even during Fashion Week in February, GQ creative director Jim Moore commented on diffusion lines in menswear - or lack thereof.
I think we’re not giving men enough credit sometimes, and thinking they’re just looking for a basic sweater or T-shirt. Especially at a price point of an H&M or a Uniqlo, they’re going to definitely experiment a little bit more and go for something that they might not normally wear.

Richard Chai continued, "Target is an amazing corporation to work with, I would do it again in a heartbeat. If they approach me for men’s, absolutely, I would do it in a minute."
It appears someone is listening! Macy's is launching a men's label called Thread & Heirs. Admittedly a direct carbon-copy of what Target did, the line will have various fashion designers guest design each season.

Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are first up, designing their respective collections for spring and fall 2010. Their first time venturing into menswear in 5-years, their designs will hit 200 Macy's stores across the country. With inspiration from Williamsburg and layering taking the forefront, the first collection will be priced from $24 for a T-shirt to $99 for a jacket. And thus, there is a God.


Video | Jimmy Choo for H&M Show and Tell

Go to the 1:25 mark for the men's range.


Footwear Report | Regal for Beauty and Youth Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes have never been out of style - their a classic after all - but I think its worth noting that they have a new-found love in the younger generation and are here to stay(or at least for the season). Japan’s Beauty & Youth shops recently collaborated with the Regal brand, originally from Massachusetts, on this saddle shoe and will be stocking the two models. Produced in a limited run of 133 models, they are sure to be a hit with the urban-crowd. Either way you swing, you are sure to get something that you love, so hurry...they wont last long.


Style Report | Men Love Beaty (tell me something I dont know)

"The Independent reports that a new survey reveals men are "increasingly concerned about their looks and invest in products accordingly." Evidently, we needed new research to figure that out. Anyway, in the U.S., sales of men's beauty products mostly consist of skin-care and teeth-whitening products and fragrances. Tend Skin, a lotion that reduces razor bumps, is a top seller among men and women, which could hint at an increasing trend in unisex product lines. Among fragrances, the top three classic scents are Acqua di Parma, Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue, and Armani's Acqua di Gio. But any girl who's dated in New York (or lived on Earth) can tell you Acqua di Gio is the most popular — perhaps disturbingly so. It's become like Axe for adults, and makes everyone smell like the same bad nightclub. Yet this is the problem with many men and style and grooming. They may be increasingly self-conscious, but they are afraid to think for themselves, shop for themselves, and try things on for themselves.

-The Cut

Editorial Report | Flaunt Mag

Masculinity is the new black; this editorial for Flaunt magazine showcases the 'new black' and puts it in terms of reality. Shot by photographer Milan Vukmirovic, Bastiaan Ninaber is styled in Trussardi 1911 and not only showcases the 'new black', but also makes an issue of being noticed and not simply falling in the background - as evident by the black backdrop under the black wardrobe. Simple twist can make all the difference.


Style Report | Why Wear Cologne

Why wear cologne? Well, if your a DC resident - or resident of any large city or metropolitan area for that matter - than personal space is space often ignored. It contains you and the lucky few people standing next to you on the crowded metro train. In that affect, it should be welcoming and...fragrant. A few rules to keep at hand: Use a light, citrus-based cologne during the day and a heavy, woody cologne during the evening. And be conservative, not greedy. Remember, a woman's sense of smell is more finely tuned than a man's. And use less, the impact of a man's cologne should be only as extensive as his personal space.
And one last reason to wear cologne: women.
Here are five scents to seek out...

Banana Republic Republic of Men
For the gourmand: a blend of plum, fig leaf, and hazelnut. ($45), nordstrom.com

Calvin Klein CK Free for Men

A Mad Men-approved combination of tobacco leaves and suede. ($47), macys.com

Givenchy Play Intense
Pair the pink-pepper-and-vetiver mix with your going-out shirt. ($57), sephora.com

This light violet-and-cedarwood scent is office-appropriate. ($65), bloomingdales.com

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l'Homme
A concoction of smoky black Himalayan tea and spicy cinnamon bark. ($55),


Video | Barneys Men’s Designer Fall 2009


Style Report | Mark Ronson Guccie Icon-Temp Store

Mark Ronson attends the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store launch at the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store on October 23, 2009 in New York City. Sporting a gray slim-fit suit paired with a blue and black checkered button-down and his Gucci kicks, Ronson discussed how he prepared for his designing role, by visiting vintage shops in New York for inspiration.
"I bought all of these tennis shoes and wrestling shoes from the 20s and 30s to see how they were designed. I wanted them to be something that I would wear and that I wanted to put my name on.

And if he wasn't already my style icon, it has now been made official. That's all. View his Gucci collection here.


Outerwear Report | The Local Firm Fuse Jacket

Very seldom do I manage to feature pieces on the site that are both office appropriate and ultra-stylish. Thanks to The Local Firm, however, we are given a great piece that is every bit situational dressing. With front detailing that provides a runway-look, ackward buttoning that is functional and quirkiy, and a basic color palette, the Fuce Jacket can't be passed up. Oh yeah, and it will protect you from winter chill - but that's the least of your worries. Available from The Local Firm.


Collection Report | Commune de Paris 1871 2009 Holiday

A reminder that Christmas is on the approach, Parisian brand Commune de Paris 1871 presented a preview of their collection for Holiday 2009. Continuing in their usual method of winter garments, they offer up a range of knitted cardigans, sweaters, and classic button-down shirts; all which incorporate a historical lesson yet to be discovered. See if you can figure it out, and leave it in the comment section.


Style Report | Beauty on the Beast

In case you missed it...this weekend's issue of the Washington Post publication, Express, highlighted men's grooming in the DC-area. Funny how not even 5-years ago men's grooming was looked down upon in our society. Coining the term 'metrosexual', male grooming carried a reputation of lacking in masculinity along with questions concerning a guys sexuality.
Now, suddenly such questions are long gone and grooming has become as common as going down to the corner barbershop for a trim. Societal evolution can carry some responsibility for this. With homosexuality an accepted fact and on the forefront of political debate, it seems only logistic; and would be somewhat hypocritical to accept sexual equality but not grooming equality. Further responsibility can be given to the role models that we have in the White House. Like Anna Wintour proclaimed, "we have friends in the White House now," and the same can be said for men's style as a general concept, with President Obama being much more clean around the edges than our last few presidents. Whatever the case, it needn't be said that men in DC are taking a new-found interest in grooming, and I think no ones complaining on that front. Much more after the jump.

"A cabinet of facial products isn't a stretch for a guy with a subscription to Details mag. But can our average, Capitals-loving dad embrace the pore-cleaning mud mask?

Six months between haircuts? Shaggy hair equals surfer cool. Calloused hands? That's a sign of a hard-working dude. But in an era of metrosexuals and a manly yet manicured president, those excuses start to fall flat. And, truthfully, there's no good way to justify those long yellow toenails hanging our of your flip-flops, Howard Hughes Jr.

Scouring the Digits
What: The Manly-cure ($25), Basic Pedicure ($55) and Callus Conqueror ($15)
Where: Bliss Spa (W Hotel, 515 15th St. NW, 877-862-5477; Blissworld.com)
Best Part: The manicure lasted a long time; I didn't dull the buffed nails or tear the carefully rounded cuts until I yanked leaves out of the gutter, sans gloves, two weeks later.
Worst Part: Super-shiny buffed fingernails were an odd sight on my sausage-like digits. Luckily, my bowling league was hiatus - I'm pretty sure the guys would've heckled me straight back to the spa.

Shaving Face
What: The Royal Shave ($55)
Where: The Art of Shaving (1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-223-1433; Theartofshaving.com)
Best Part: The all-natural products, which didn't irritate my sensitive skin.
Worst Part: With no fancy occasions in my future, I cant justify the $55 price tag again.

Pore Me
What: Cleansing Face Treatment ($80)
Where: Grooming Lounge (1745 L St. NW, 202-466-8900; Groominglounge.com)
Best Part: Duran dug deep into my forehead, nose and cheeks to produce more oil and cheese than OPEC and France combined. Since I have skinholes for pores, I felt bad for her - and then envied that she basically gets to pop zits for a living. Result: Smooth skin without bumps or blackheads.
Worst Part: My extra-moisturized face broke out like a 13-year-old's (a common side effect, especially for facial virgins). It took a week for the pimples to calm down, but by then the oil had filled my pores again, basically rendering all that hard work moot.

Cutting Back
What: Remington's Body & Back Groomer ($40, remington-store.com)
Best Part: The groomer can go in the shower, meaning all your ape shavings will pool in the strainer, not on the bathroom floor.
Worst Part: You'll need a wingman with a stomach of steel to tackle any back hair grooming.

Bottle Service
What: Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodyscrub Bar ($22, Moltonbrown.com); Anthony's face products ($20-$25, Anthony.com); Alchimie Forever's Antioxidant Skin Repair Gel ($55) and Superpulse Titghtening Eye Contour Gel ($45, Alchimie-forever.com)
Best Part: My drugstore soap was stripping my skin, so switching to the combo of Anthony's face products left my skin better moisturized, healthy and (Dare I say it?) glowing. And I found I really liked regularly exfoliating - it made my itchy sandpapery dermis feel soft.
Worst Part: For as many products as I liked, there were just as many I didn't. (The ones above were my fave.) Its best to test with product samples first.

And as a final note of my own, I highly recommend Bliss Spa & The Grooming Lounge.


Footwear Report | Maison Martin Margiela Flocked Oxfords

There is nothing better than having a pair of shoes with the utmost personality due to years of wear - these pair by Maison Martin Margiela speed up the process. And upon your first wear, they already speak volumes with a coated flocking process that offers an interesting look. These oxfords will get you noticed. Available via Browns.
"The shoes are white leather underneath and are covered as a result of the flocking process which gives the shoes a velvet effect surface. The shoes are designed to become distressed with the wearers use.


Preview Report | David Hart Spring 2010

David Hart went the a-usual method with his spring 2010 collection, far-going his usual wool or silk material for a more relaxed and casual cotton shirting fabric instead. And while I can't say I am a professor of such a tie, Hart does it in a way that presents a refreshing turn from a cold wintry season. While the whole wrinkle fact shows its big head, its far from us to critic the design aspect, as the patterns are colorful and every bit 'spring'.
"You have the option of pressing your tie and having a crisp, neat look. Or, for a guy who wears his oxford more wrinkled—maybe he even sleeps in it—you can do the same with your tie.

$115, available in February at the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store, 745 Fifth Ave., NYC, (212) 753-7300, bergdorfgoodman.com


Around the District | Saturday at Nordstrom

Start your weekend off right with a stylish event for DC-area men. Meet Tom Julian, "Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style" author, on Saturday, October 24 at Nordstrom Tyson's Corner Center. From 1-3pm he will be signing his book, taking pictures, and speaking to all you stylish gents out there. RSVP here.
After that, head over to the Men's Sportswear department for the Andrew Marc Trunk Show. RSVP here.
Its shaping up to be a stylish Saturday, but until then enjoy the synopsis for the Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style...

"Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style is the definitive handbook for dressing well. Its easy-to-use system helps men identify their personal style from four options: Luxury, Classic, Contemporary and Trend. The book shows how to incorporate that style in suits, sport coats, trousers, shirts, neckwear and tuxedos. What differentiates this handbook from others is that it’s based on the expertise of the retailer’s top salespeople and tailors and leverages the company’s experience from selling menswear to real guys for over fifty-six years.

Fashion insider Tom Julian demystifies the terms, rules, and logic used by menswear experts so you can:

  • Choose the right fabrics and patterns
  • Select appropriate silhouettes and accessories
  • Find the best fit
  • Create your own personalized look
  • Assemble the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle


GQ Italy October 2009 | 10 Years 10 Covers

In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, GQ Italy is marking the event with 10 different covers for their October 2009 Issue. More to come next week.


Campaigh Report | Jimmy Choo for H&M

Jimmy Choo made a good decision when he decided to join forces with H&M for a collection exclusively theirs. He made an even better one when he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to venture into menswear, and Im sure no one is complaining. While H&M is known for being the go to for trends, they usually fail on proper quality.
Jimmy Choo decided to up the ante and provide proper quality at prices that make his brand accessible to all; a logistic step if not an intelligent one. And following in his usual mode, the pieces are not mere trends, rather staples that will last you season upon season. From leather jackets, knitwear and some highly detailed footwear to suits that will take you straight from the office to the bar for cocktails, its hard to deny the glamorous allure the the collaboration brings - especially for men, who until now have never experienced the magic that is Jimmy Choo. Arriving in stores worldwide on Saturday, November 14th, 2009, we get a glimpse of what the Jimmy Choo for H&M experience will be like thanks to their new ad campaign...and lets just say, I cant wait!