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Thought your micro-fiber stainless khakis from Dockers were high-tech? Think again. Try Uniqlo, of course. They have worked to develop the new Heattech line - bound to be a hot range, literally. Heattech's technical fibers work to retain warmth by absorbing body moisture; its movement generates heat. And while I admit to being somewhat skeptical, editor Matthew Schneier has ensured me that during his test drive with the products he was left nothing short of toasty. Yes, the fancy technology has an 'As Seen On TV' allure, but with the weather only getting colder this is a purchase that actually has valid reasoning to it. And its worth noting that an antibacterial agent in the fabric helps control odor - they seem to have dotting every i and crossed every t. Furthering the fact that this is likely a sign from God, you can get Heattech items online. Winter has suddently got that much warmer.

Tees, turtlenecks, and long johns, $10.50 to $15.50, available at


Paul Smithsoborg said...

what happens if you get too hot? Is there an "off" button?

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