Style Report | Mark Ronson Guccie Icon-Temp Store

Mark Ronson attends the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store launch at the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store on October 23, 2009 in New York City. Sporting a gray slim-fit suit paired with a blue and black checkered button-down and his Gucci kicks, Ronson discussed how he prepared for his designing role, by visiting vintage shops in New York for inspiration.
"I bought all of these tennis shoes and wrestling shoes from the 20s and 30s to see how they were designed. I wanted them to be something that I would wear and that I wanted to put my name on.

And if he wasn't already my style icon, it has now been made official. That's all. View his Gucci collection here.


JKJ said...

I would never have thought to pair that shirt with that suit. He does have an eye for fashion.

KingRamsey said...

I like his style, but Im not so into his range with Gucci. Just my opinion.

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