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The creme de la creme in watches is something that we all aspire to own sooner or later. Rolex, Cartier, Movado, and the list could go on and on. Thanks to Steal the Time, however, it has become that much easier to reach those aspirations...or at least rent them.

Steal the Time, a watch-rental company and product of genius entrepreneurship, helps you get the style of an authentic luxury watch temporarily or decide whether you are willing to dig deep down to keep the style permanently. Offering leases on fine timepieces by the week, you can decide to keep it for an extended period of time and a portion of your rental fee will go towards an eventual purchase.

If that's not smart thinking then I don't know what is.


Ryan said...

So like renting a car...but for luxury timepieces.

JKJ said...

This really is a great idea.

James said...

Wonderful idea. Women have been able to do it with purses for years.

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