Accessories Report | Persol 714 Custom Thomas Crown Edition Sunglasses

As if the sudden need for urgency and portability hasn't ruined our society already(err, is it just me or has microwavable dinners ruined coming home from a hard days work), Persol has decided to echo upon it and bring portability to our eyes; this time around portability proves to be a good thing. Dedicated to Steve McQueen’s Thomas Crown character, these exude inspiration and ol' school style - back when coming home meant the scent of lamb and mint jelly throughout the house. Any excuse to bring back a way of life that I missed out on, im for it.
"As many are aware a favorite of McQueen were the Persol 714 but with custom tinted lenses. To pay tribute to this we are offering an eyegoodies exclusive: the Persol 714 with custom blue lenses. The top quality French optical lenses manufactured by Essilor and custom tinted provide 100% UV protection.

Available exclusively via Eyegoodies.


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wow! i love how they can collapse for easier storage.
the tinted lenses are cool too, but i think that you need to really be careful with tints because they can make your look just foolish

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