Style Report | Men Love Beaty (tell me something I dont know)

"The Independent reports that a new survey reveals men are "increasingly concerned about their looks and invest in products accordingly." Evidently, we needed new research to figure that out. Anyway, in the U.S., sales of men's beauty products mostly consist of skin-care and teeth-whitening products and fragrances. Tend Skin, a lotion that reduces razor bumps, is a top seller among men and women, which could hint at an increasing trend in unisex product lines. Among fragrances, the top three classic scents are Acqua di Parma, Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue, and Armani's Acqua di Gio. But any girl who's dated in New York (or lived on Earth) can tell you Acqua di Gio is the most popular — perhaps disturbingly so. It's become like Axe for adults, and makes everyone smell like the same bad nightclub. Yet this is the problem with many men and style and grooming. They may be increasingly self-conscious, but they are afraid to think for themselves, shop for themselves, and try things on for themselves.

-The Cut


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