My Parents Were Cool.

There are many things that come with age - wisdom; gray hair; an unwanted increase in body weight; and even perhaps responsibility that you once envied but now value as little to nothing. One aspect of age that I have yet to come across is the realization that my parents once were cool - my parents are reliable emergency monetary sources, but not cool. The new blog My Parents Were Awesome has made this a semi-easier aspect to garner, and in many cases provides the reasoning that yes, are parents once were cool; in fact cooler than we will ever hope to be. Its a sad fact of reality, but gone are the days when it was completely cool and acceptable to be a hippie and waste away days being stoned - in completely awesome clothes, nonetheless. Browsing through the submissions from readers is a pleasurable, and at times humorous, task that is every bit addicting. More important, its a haven for fashion inspiration. Gives me the idea to raid my parents closet to find what treasures they have hidden; or at least try to replicate the effortless style that was nothing more than a part of life back then.

Times have changed, and with it style seems to have flown out of the window. But when you think about it, won't our kids think the same about us.


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