Editorial Report | Kn'it' Boys

Editorials are meant to inspire; the extremism taken in the fashions are meant to bring focus to the meaning being conveyed through the pages, colors, and clothes. Often times we forget this and simply get lost in translation. This particular editorial for Vogue Hommes Japan, however, is nothing short of an inspiring peace with a clear focus on the season's fall knitwear. Knits far and wide, bright and black, wild and dry. These Kn'it' Boys aren't just what they wear, their attitude exudes through the pages; their pale skin, dark hair and features, and somewhat serious expressions are fall. Get inspired.


JKJ said...

That is why they are meant for "inspiration". Dont take it too literal, just be inspired by what they bring forth.

Jerome said...

Some of the knits in this editorial are extreme and not at all ready-to-wear

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