Outerwear Report | Swagger Fall 2009 Duffle Coat

Americana and nostalgia isn't limited to summer and spring, where boat shoes, Ralph Lauren shorts, and polo shorts seem to be the uniform. You can also bring in such a traditional style during the colder months. Actually, we have been seing lots of nostalgic outerwear this season, so it comes as no surprised that Swagger decided to jump on board. Though most of their items are colorful, I search through and found this hooded duffle coat that remains simple in design and color palette. And in these ackward political times, it seems only right to show off your patriotism with classic American style, right? Available now via choiceisyours.


JamesJ said...

way too bulky..

Anonymous said...

These are hideous. im not down.

Depiree said...

I agree. FUGLY coat.

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