Accessories Report | Mulberry Macbook Bags

As if technology weren't influencing our society enough, it's having an impact on the fashion industry and forcing designers to cater their products to fit the advancements. And it may seem as though I'm complaining; I'm actually rejoicing in praise thanks to Mulberry giving in to the peer pressure and coming out with their own line of bags fit specifically for Apple Macbooks. The luxury leather goods brand has decided to expand its empire to include what I like to call GeekChic - the need to look stylish without giving up all your geekish ways. The new series of bags for men include a variety of premium leather options including a traditional messenger and smaller version as well as a leather laptop sleeve. And with their classic style, they are the perfect example of how men should choose leather goods - simple, uncomplicated, and durable. Embrace your inner GeekChic and head over to the Mulberry website to place your know you want to.



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