Trend Report | Burberry Snoods

Out with the old, in with the new. Burberry is bringing a whole new meaning to this terminology - out with the scarves, in with the snoods. Straight from their A/W 2009 collection, the British export is vastly becoming the new things and has already taken the place of the traditional scarf. If your not familiar, they are meant to be worn in or out of your outerwear and come in a variety of textures. Burberry offers them up in a multitude - trench, plum, sand, grey melange, black, and checkered. Ive already started my collection of snoods and whole-heartedly recommend them as opposed to scarves. They are traditional yet add a certain allure that scarves lack. Available now via Burberry.


Anonymous said...

I often attack this trend with regular scarves.

Anonymous said...

These are one of those innovative things that don't look ridiculous. I would totally wear one of those.

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