Outerwear Report | Orisue Men’s Donovan Wool Jacket

No time to look back, fall is already here; with it is the cold weather and need for a proper winter coat. You can't go wrong with a peacoat, right? Orisue’s Donovan Wool Jacket is just what the doctor has asked for. A premium-quality peacoat, the jacket presents many surprising details that are revealed upon proper inspection. Trimmed pockets are the least of the surprises; pop up the high collar and an embroidered design comes into eyesight. Perfect if you have yet to pick up a jacket yet...build upon it and your basics will only become more relevant. Available via '80spurple.


Jerome said...

To be completely honest, the jacket is hideous. It has nothing to do with the writing on the collar, its jus ill fitting.

Anonymous said...

eh...I hate details like that.

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