Footwear Report | Jil Sanders S/S 2010

Gearing up for a year of simplicity, Jil Sanders offers up a small range of handsome craftsmanship that deserves praise for remaining low-key just as much as it does for being so damn chic. Sleek as ever due to quality crafting that you just don't see much anymore, the shoes are intelligent and usable thanks to their clean lines and neutral color palette. I mean really, what doesn't beige, black, and white go with? And adding just a bit of that punch that I like, the controversial topic of sandals in menswear is tackled full-on with the inclusion of a gladiator-esque style. Countdown to spring!


Ryan B. said...

Hate mandales. Please tell me you dont recommend them.

Justin said...

Not down with the sandals either but the others are right up my alley.

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