Style Report | How to Dress In Your 20's

An often mistake that seems to plague DC is the fact that regardless of age, everyone dresses the same. While I'm all for seeming beyond-your-years(I'm often told that I have an old-sophisticated style), there is no reason you should look identical to your 50-year old boss if your a 23-year old intern! To provide help for appropriate dress for your age, the next few days will showcase a guide for your directed age group: 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s. After all, no one want to be the old guy who dresses as if he is going through a mid-life crisis. Thus we start with the 20s...

Enjoy being thin, fashionable and having the capability to find good cheap clothes. If your fortunate enough to be slim, then this is the time(and ONLY time) to indulge in the trend for tight clothing, so make the most of it. Keep in mind, however, that it is a thin line between looking trendy and looking down-right ridiculous so here are a few tips to keep at hand: bear in mind the colors that look best on your complexion; stay within the parameters that flatter your figure; and just because your young doesn't constitute a disregard for proper dress etiquette. When it comes to suiting and footwear, by all means splurge; cheap jeans and t-shirts work, cheap suits do not. Get the best buy for your buck by keeping formal wear cut close to your body while remaining conservative in style - it will last longer and allow for versatility.
Accessories give way for great variety in the monetary bracket so being cheap is completely harmless, as long as they look good. Cheap sunglasses, digital watches, rucksacks, and Velcro wallets are acceptable now - so have fun while it last. And by all means, get your pinchent out for baseball caps and beanie hats now - they won't follow you into your thirties.


Dantheman said...

Great post! Makes me glad to be in my twenties.

Anonymous said...

this series is great help.

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