Buy Report | Band Of Outsiders Shetland Terry Tailored Trousers

You know the female mantra, "A good man is hard to find." Ive decided to take it upon myself to make the male mantra, "A good trouser is hard to find," because this has never been more true. Sure, you can easily go the route of getting a pair tailored to your specific measurement, but sometime we want something a bit more quick and NOW. Opening Ceremony offers a great variety of trousers, and this pair by Band of Outsiders is just what you would expect form the label. And while this may seem a bit like an oxymoron, they give off an amazingly formal day wear ora - a result of the unique detailing in addition to the material. The wool material is very casual, in addition to the relaxed fit and two side pockets. The waist may be the singular detail that delivers them from hell and thats good enough for me. Get them now from Opening Ceremony.


Anonymous said...

These are hideous IMO

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