Style Report | Paul Smith Shoe Care Kit

Think back to as little as 10 years ago, and it was still very much an essential in every man's closet. Like that of little girls playing dress-up and sneaking into their mother's make-up kit, it was very much the same for me, sneaking into my father's shoe care kit to explore the unknown brushes and smelly cremes. Fast forward to 2009 and it seems that the shoe care kit has become nothing more than a blurry memory of the past - where people took time to smell the roses and actually bought with quality on their mind. That explains the need for a shoe care kit back then, quality deserves to be taken care of and that's something that they knew. Im not sure about you, but Ive made it my mission to bring back those times and make the shoe care kit an essential to everyman. Thanks to Paul Smith, my mission has just become that much easier. Their Paul Smith Shoe Care Kit is set to make shoe care cool again, doing so with all the essentials and a wooden box reminiscent of that of my father's.
"Paul Smith luxury shoe care kit is presented in a black washed wooden box. It is complimented with multi stripe leather trims and is fastened at the sides by steel hinge clasps. Internally the box comprises of various compartments."


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