Style Report | Why Wear Cologne

Why wear cologne? Well, if your a DC resident - or resident of any large city or metropolitan area for that matter - than personal space is space often ignored. It contains you and the lucky few people standing next to you on the crowded metro train. In that affect, it should be welcoming and...fragrant. A few rules to keep at hand: Use a light, citrus-based cologne during the day and a heavy, woody cologne during the evening. And be conservative, not greedy. Remember, a woman's sense of smell is more finely tuned than a man's. And use less, the impact of a man's cologne should be only as extensive as his personal space.
And one last reason to wear cologne: women.
Here are five scents to seek out...

Banana Republic Republic of Men
For the gourmand: a blend of plum, fig leaf, and hazelnut. ($45),

Calvin Klein CK Free for Men

A Mad Men-approved combination of tobacco leaves and suede. ($47),

Givenchy Play Intense
Pair the pink-pepper-and-vetiver mix with your going-out shirt. ($57),

This light violet-and-cedarwood scent is office-appropriate. ($65),

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l'Homme
A concoction of smoky black Himalayan tea and spicy cinnamon bark. ($55),


Anonymous said...

I love the Givenchy bottle.

KingRamsey said...

YSL is great. I have been using it recently.

Boyle said...

My bench-mate this morning on the metro needs to read this post. ASAP!

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