Accessories Report | Filson Goatskin Gloves

Very seldom do I take the time to recognize the impact that gloves have had on the fashion industry and the style of men, however, don't be fooled; gloves are serious business. Given that the weather seems to have taken a turn for the colder here in the District its only fitting that you start searching for iconic pairs to fill your closer with...a pair that symbolizes style, a pair that offers individuality, and a pair that represents the mood of fashion. Lets start with the earlier - style. Try these Filson gloves on for size. Made of 100% goatskin, they offer functionality with 100% merino wool lining. And with their beautiful yellow coloring, they are both an unexpected choice and a conservative one. Set to look better with age, expect these to fulfill your needs for years. Available via blackbird.


JKJ said...

I like the idea of gloves becoming a staple in the wardobe scene. This could have great results.

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