Editorial Report | The Beat of 1980's

As if they have been doing this for years, GQ China gives us a more artistic editorial in their debut issue than their American counterpart has done in years. No wonder, as artistic direction for the editorial was tasked to Dior Homme Creative Director Kris Van Assche. Fashions are from Dior Homme's latest collection; I am more inspired by the work that appears on the heads of the models...yes, their hair. Exuding the look of the 1980's, they flaunt the au naturale look. It seems to me that more and more, natural and messy hair is taking over and vastly becoming an acceptable norm. Even I have let my hair get its natural curl back and resisted cutting it for some time. Its a great contrast to the conservative fashions that are making a splash, however, there is another voice in my head that keeps telling me that wild and messy will soon become a thing of the past with prim and proper taking over. Either way, messy is in now and with the inspiration from this editorial it doesn't look like the tides will be changing.


Anonymous said...

Im guessing Chris Rocks "Good Hair" is starting a movement.

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