Vintage GQ Covers 1962

Chapters could be written on this one cover. It illuminates patrionism, style, and the prestige of the Office of the POTUS - President of the United States. More important, it is quintessential DC style...and few can argue against the influence that JFK left on the style of men in America; a just comparison to the influence Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis left. JFK exuded the 'American manner' in each and every way, and I can't help but wonder whether the Obama's descent in DC will usher in a new 'fashion frontier in the American manner'. Either way, this March 1962 cover of GQ Magazine is nothing less than inspiring.


DCist said...

This picture very much presents a commonality between Obama and Kennedy.

Blank Label ( said...

hail GQ!!
they've just been epic at displaying great men's style.
i certainly think this picture would be better if JFK has relaxed shoulders because he looks pretty stiff and uncomfortable right now, but GQ is still one of my favorite reads

Anonymous said...

I think thats just his shoulders. He always looked stiff.

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