Accessories Report | Ettinger Wallets Purple Collection

Its the simple details that seperate the stylish from the fashionable and I often like to believe that you can judge the value of a man's style by what his wallet looks like. So far it has yet to fail me and Ive cut a few friends keeping this belief in mind. Kidding, im not that superficial, but where you keep your money is very important and should be decided upon with the utmost importance. Ettinger of London has teamed up with the likes of automobile maker, Bentley, and tennis’ Wimbledon to create this large range of small accessories. Under the namesake "Purple Collection," it features the finest leather with great color blocking and coordination. Simple in design and classic, its quality exudes style like none other. And honestly, can you get better than Bentley and Wimbledon? I think not!


JKJ said...

black and purple is such a good match.

Rainier said...

Im really into small, thin wallets right now. This collection offers up small to large. I like.

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