Style Questions | Tie Bars, Belting, and Knit Caps

Its fair to say that the hot weather has left DC and its getting cold out. Can I wear a knit wool cap with a suit?

Absolutely, you can wear a knit cap with a suit, particularly when your wearing an overcoat and its damn near freezing outside. While style should never be thrown out of the window, dressing for the weather is always smart. I have a large collection of hats, many that include knit caps. Just avoid cliche fashion donts. NFL, NBA, or NHL knitwear is best kept out of your wardrobe. Keep in mind texture, character, and color. And ski I even need to go there.

I just bought my first tie bar, but Im afraid Ive been wearing it wrong. Ive sen them worn anywhere from one inch below the knot to all the way down to the bottom. Whats proper with tie bars?

All that you have to do is think of the tie as a meter or mercury in a thermometer. The tie knot is the top of the scale, with the bottom being "stolid". Keep away from these areas and measure accordingly. Anywhere near the center is okay. Check Zac Efron from his GQ photoshoot(left). His tie bar is higher in the middle, but very appropriate. And if all else fails, practice makes perfect!

My girlfriend just bought a cool Hermes snakeskin belt that I'd like to wear with my suits. Can a man pull off wearing a woman's belt without looking like a fool?

Sure, why not? Its not the '50s, and even then skinny belts were worn by men. Skinny belts seem to be making a huge comeback in menswear, with the NYC runways full of them. While im not a snakeskin person, you can't go wrong with Hermes. If it'll hold your pants up, the worst that can happen if you'll be taken for a flamenco dancer.

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Fred said...

So true. He actually looks like a man in that picture, as opposed to a closetted teenager.

Anonymous said...

Best shot Ive ever seen of Zac Efron.

Bryan Boy said...

Hermes belt!!!!!! I DIE.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine an NFL knit cap paired with Efron's suit? lol

PoloJo said...

So im guessing tie bars are the new big thing?

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