Footwear Report | Thorocraft Debut

Nothing is more important in these tough economic times than price. Unfortunately, low prices usually bring low quality; high prices almost always deliver in high quality. New York’s Thorocraft thinks they can provide some lead way in this matter. Launching with their spring 2010 collection, creative director Alex James is desperately striving to bring the consumers high quality “handmade” footwear at recession-friendly prices. Producing straight out of Vietnam and Italy allows for great quality while keeping the price tag between the 140$-220$US range. Their Shelton and Hudson models happen to be the highpoint for me. Though not exactly "boots", their high top with low you do the math. Unpredictably casual, the Hudson features suede with contrasting white stitching; the Shelton being of top quality leather and great color. Look out for these! More information via Thorocraft.


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These are quite different, in a good way.

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