Accessories Report | Pria Scarves

Maybe it was just withdraw, but a few months ago I was still contemplating whether scarves would even find their way into my closet for the fall - after an entire year of an all out obsession. Leave it to a single stench of silk, wool, and cashmere (yes, all in one) to have me running back for more and filling up that corner in my closet with scarf after scarf after scarf. And Pria is only feeding into my addiction with a great selection of 70/20/10 mixed scarves. With subtle details like trim on the ends, they are the perfect weight which results in a scarf heavy enough to keep warm, yet cool enough for those warmer days - a great contrast from the ultra-heavy scarves that are making their way into stores like H&M. View more of what Pria has to offer at Blackbird.


Leg. Ass. said...

these look great. the overall design and pattern are just what I need around my neck.

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