Outerwear Report | Uniqlo Duffel

Uniqlo has been getting lots of love from District Cut lately, and with proper reason. They tend to provide exactly what is 'in the moment' with prices that don't cause high blood pressure. Take this duffel coat, for example. Its fit takes on a tailored look that gives it an appearance far beyond it means, its plaid lining is a perfect contrast with its black outwards, and its an easy push for that all-American, Ivy League vibe that is finding a place in everyone's hearts suddenly (patriotism, perhaps?). Available in both navy and black, its a perfect option that is appropriate for any circumstance.

$129.99 at Uniqlo, www.uniqlo.com/us


JKJ said...

Uniqlo needs to open a shop in DC.

Ryan said...

Love uniqlo. Have never purchased anything, but I love browsing their site.

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