Outerwear Report | Marc by Marc Jacobs Parka

Although I have been clear about my opinion of "parkas" as a use of outerwear, I must admit that they are the best for tough weather. The fact that I haven't seen too many designer parkas might have something to do with it, but the honest fact is, I tend to go with a more proper prospective when it comes to outerwear. But this Marc Jacobs (yes, Marc Jacobs!) parka is set apart from the usual mode of the casual outerwear and includes features that make it more "proper" than most. And lets be real, we all need at least one parka in our wardrobe...make it this Marc Jacobs choice. It may not be cheap, but it isn't what I would consider expensive on the outerwear front. At £385, this is a respectable choice. Available now via Matches.
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