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I recently joined a gym downtown. Like most men's locker rooms, it has one big room for showers. The other day while showering I noticed that more than a fair share of the guys had shaved their pubic region completely bald. I understand that a guy's penis is his own business, but this seems a bit odd. Do you agree, or is this on the rage?
Three options: either these guys have not yet reached puberty; they recently had an accident while lighting a candle naked; or, like I suspect, these guys think their penises are other people's business, too. I'd suggest you mind your own damn business, or else you might be invited to join their club. (FYI: there are some things that you just shouldn't tell me, because I will mock you.) Now what gym is that again, I need to make a mental note never to visit it.
Ive noticed that a lot of magazines are showing men wearing dress shoes without socks. Should I join in with the crowd and go sockless? Does it work in the office?
Here is one instance where my thinking is a bit all over the place and at odds with mainstream thinking in menswear. Ive noticed loads of socklessness among my fellow collegiate men in DC, the Casual Friday crowd on Capitol Hill, and the hoards of tourist descending in front of the White House. While I am a big fan of socklessness during the summer, spring, and with a nice comfy pair of loafers, there is something about seeing a sockless man in a dark business suit that rubs me the wrong way. From my perspective, it looks as if his girlfriend has locked him out and he's stuck sleeping on his buddy's sofa. And don't even get me started about going sockless during the winter. Ill admit, this can be a little shaky, with weather in DC doing a constant spiral, but to me it the equivalent of slapping on a pair of sandals - not a good look at all.
As for 'ankle socks', I cant go there, either. Golf clubs may allow them - even though they don't allow cargo shorts - but that's modern-times for 'ya. I think if you've got the guts to wear those ladies' socks, then you mind as well go all out and wear the pom-pom kind.
My girlfriend says that my style of dress is too "gay." I'm still confused as to whether she means homosexual or lame, but I'm aiming for the earlier. I'd describe my style as bohemian-chic. For instance, today I wore a black Hermes jacket with a long, thin scarf, beat-up jeans, and worn in loafers - worn in so to keep from an argument ensuing. On our last date I wore a great pair of Gucci loafer without socks. Lets just say it didn't go over well, and the night ended without any sex and her telling me to move to "Fire Island." We are compatible when it comes to everything else. Should I end the relationship or change my clothes?
From your summary of the situation, I can only guess that your girlfriend would be happier with someone more conventional. There are loads of nice guys out there with Dockers, polos, and running shoes (ick!), and you depriving yourself of expression through your clothes will only start more arguments, animosity, and hatred. To put it simply, fire her, perhaps first taking her from behind.
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JKJ said...

HA! Im cracking up at the first one, and the last one. I love your humor.

Leg. Ass. said...

"taking her from behind". Can you say explicit. I agree on the socklessness. Its only appropriate when the setting dictates.

TPWP said...

In case you guys would like a girl's opinion

Q1- I personally think the less hair the better
Q2- I love bare ankles on men, but I agree with DC only with loafers and only when it's warm.
Q3- Your girlfriend is boring and useless, I know plenty of pretty, fashionable girls that would love your "bohemiac-chic" look.

Daymanuel said...

^The less hair the better? Ill keep that in mind and will invest in a proper razor...or should I wax?

District Cut said...

Thanks TPWP!
Ill have to get your opinion on some of these other questions that I get in my inbox. These guys could really use a female's opinion.

BryanBoy said...

Shave those pubes. They are disgusting!!

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