Style Report | H&M Fall Knits

Fall is among us and without too much of a push, we are being ushered into a movement of fall trends that have been present for decades; only now being incorporated as a fashion, not simply a utility. By way of being over-the-top in a realistic persona, H&M has launched their fall knit campaign. With Andres Velencoso Segura in fall’s heavy knits, layered up no less, we get the basic just of what they are trying to convey - buy our knits, they will take you far. Outside of that mode of thinking, they introduce a new way of layering that hasn't been discussed much in the past, putting knits on top of knits. A smorgasbord of fall's greatest trend...I can dig it.


Charles Frame said...

I think the 'back to the basics' style of heavy knits lends itself to the need for comfort and security during our current economic crisis. I can't imagine anything more comforting than knit layered with knit. Multiple collar styles will guarantee great mash-up layering options suitable to everyone. Great job H&M! I can't wait for the Jimmy Choo for H&M line to launch.

Anonymous said...

so comfortable.

King Ramsey said...

So does that over-crowded turtleneck actually sold at H&M, because it looks very extreme and editorial only.

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