Accessories Report | Hardgraft 2UNFOLD Multi-Use Laptop Bag

So it does at first site. That explains the feeling I felt the second I saw the 'Hardgraft Nappa Leather UNFOLD Laptop Bag'. Its high quality leather is as soft as Grace Kelly's skin. Its versatile design is as non-restricting as Beyonce's voice. And its black tone is as reminiscent of beauty as Naomi Campbell's longer-than-length legs. Ive found my soulmate.
More detailed - it has a shock-absorbent layer and a black canvas lining; it works as a courier bag, a shoulder case, a briefcase, and more; it can fit up-to a 17-inch Macbook. Available via Hardgraft.


Leg. Ass. said...

This is the perfect bag for any metropolitan living man. Its versatile and can be used in a number of different ways and settings. It is quite expensive though, any cheaper alternatives?

RyanBun said...

I think the price is reasonable, considering what you are getting. This bag looks like it will last you a very long time, and longevity beats the price.

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