Buy Report | Comme Des Garcons Shirt Tweed Blazer

Its not like I need to explain the importance of tweed in the fall season anymore...but just to put a quick note down - it evokes a certain vintage feel that goes hand-in-hand with fall. Comme Des Garcons has added just that to their shirt collection, upping the ante from your usual vintage grabs with great cut and quality. Modernizing the age-old material, the lapels are much slimmer than any vintage blazer you will find and the look, as a whole, is everything and more. Though you'd have to dig down deep in your pockets for this one, its a brand that is respected, and quality that will last you forever so. Available via ASOS.


JKJ said...

this is a great, lightweight but warm option.

Mr. D said...

This blazer is perfect. The color and texture can go casual or dressy. Just depends on what you accompany with it.

LegAss. said...

Casual I come. Ha!

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