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In a town like DC, too often do you see 'the same'. And while I'm sure we all try to slip some uniqueness and creativity into our wardrobe, many fall short in their attempt. Reasons vary from price to difficulty, but with Blank Label's web 2.0 application, this just became that much easier. With the application, customers are able to create custom shirts online that are produced specifically to your liking. And while I have yet to get my own hands on one of their shirts, I can attest that the application is simple, quick, and enjoyable. Convenience in-tow, the idea is somewhat old news, but at the same time genius. Check it out at www.blank-label.com and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

dont tell me your going corporate...because this looks like a cheap, post for pay. And its illegal FYI

District Cut said...

Not at all. 1) I dont do post for pay. Its unethical and clouds my credibility.
2) In the future I may get paid on receive products for a post, but only if I truly believe in the product and recommend it.
3) If I do ever receive anything substantial for a post, I will reveal such. Ive got nothing to hide.
The only thing I get paid for on this blog is the advertisers in the right column and bottom banner - and that is just a product of hard work and I will continue to blog if all my advertisers went away.

P.S. I know all about what is legal and what isn't.

Fan Bi said...

we can reaffirm that we haven't paid in product or otherwise to district cut. instead we are long time followers of D.C. and were only too thrilled that he thought we were something of interest to his readers.

keep up the good blogging, and we hope to live up to the success you're touting for us. thanks!

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