Footwear Report | ACL Edition Desert Boot

In an ode to what is undoubtedly the footwear of choice for this fall, 'Cole, Rood & Haan Co.' has created this desert boot with ACL, a creation that seems to cement their strong relationship. Featuring a European essence, the low profile sole provides perfect grounding for its camel colored upper. And in what seems to be the usual for desert boots, I can attest that these are just as comfortable as horrid Ugg boots - I have a pair and am wearing them as I type. Running as a limited edition for C,R&H’s Spring 2010 collection, get the ACL Edition Desert Boot now. Plus, unlike those horrid Uggs, these can easily be accompanied with a suit and tie and still provide the office look that is necessary.


Leg. Ass. said... me a picture of desert boots paired with a suit and maybe Ill be on board.

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