Collection Report | Calvin Klein White Spring 2010

Keeping things basic and pure, yet very much distinctive, is why Calvin Klein is still one of my favorite brands today. Creative director Kevin Carrigan sees no reason to change this long-lived aesthetic, as evident by what he sprung up for Calvin Klein White Label Spring 2010. Clearly he takes the namesake very literal, chasing color out of the picture almost entirely to reiterate American sportswear in a professional and casual manner. In what looks like an attempt to have fashions present no limitations on life, they have turned to a light color palette, easy fabrics, linen suiting, and a bleached-denim galore to bring to fruition a contemporary collection that gives you the spring back in your step. Basic instinct seems to be the way to go, and what's more basic than white, right? Calvin Klein White Label, apparently.


Ryan said...

very basic.

Joe said...

Not anything to swine over. Average, at best.

Daymanuel said...

whats the deal with those blazer sleeves?

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