Editorial Report | Come Out In the Cold

Russian GQ dolled up Zach Ferry for what is an inspiring conundrum of style - predictable, but no less note worthy. Using snow as a white canvas for exposing an array of knitwear, photographer Joshua Jordan deserves praise for exploiting light to making the topic at hand the focal point; everything else falls secondary. And yes, its a fashion story that we have heard all too well, but that doesn't distract from their goal of exposing knitwear as the trend of choice for this season, so catch on already. Alas, Ill admit that it makes me feel a bit inadequate. My 'snow on the ground' wardrobe often times falls short of this much style, but I too am a constant work-in-progress.


Rainier said...

I love the knits. Any specs?

District Cut said...

Unfortunately, Ive got no specs on the outfit choices...but to get similar looks that encompass knitwear I would suggest J. Crew, The Gap, or H&M.

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