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Whats your opinion of not wearing underwear under certain outfits? I think it looks kind of stylish to go commando with a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt. Gives off a surfer, relaxed look. I pull it off quite well, actually. Thoughts?

It looks stylish? Your a plumber, right? That's the only explanation I could come up with for such thoughts that plumber's butt is stylish. Furthermore, just how would anyone know your not wearing any underwear? And how do you know your 'pulling it off'? Let me guess, all the guys at the office rave about your choice to go commando.
Occasionally the outline of a woman's underwear is visible because of light and thin pants - a great excuse for a G-string - but such shouldn't be the case with jeans...or any form of menswear, for that matter. Additionally, I'm a big underwear fan. Its like that little secret that is just between 'me, myself, and I' and gives you the chance to be completely wild in the most conservative of settings (that's right, I have a pair of heart boxers, I wear them to work and I'm proud of it). Believe it or not, they are quite functional too. They provide warmth during the winter and absorbs perspiration during the summer. And if nothing else, they provide support for instruments of breeding and protects against
zipper teeth or fly carelessness. So I'd advise to invest some room in you dresser - perhaps an entire drawer - for a nice variety of undergarments. For chrissake, have some decency!

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James said... underwear...really?

Ryan said...

Ive never gone without underwear and I never plan to. Its a bit disgusting, if you ask me.

Bryan Boy said...

I'd love for David Beckham to go commando...while wearing no pants. Seriously, cut or uncut?

Anonymous said...

^^^^So, when did we allow the gays on this site? Or are you one too, editor?

District Cut said...

We don't allow any type of discrimination on District Cut and your comments only showcase your ignorance. Furthermore, I am straight, but my sexuality is none of your concern and has no relevance to your ignorant comments.

James said...

what an asshole

Joey Camire said...

I go commando almost every single day. It's quite liberating and extremely comfortable on my naughty bits. I do think that the statement of "my dirty little secret" still exists when you aren't wearing any underwear, as when you are wearing your luck pair of heart boxers.

It's a case of different strokes for different folks. No need to judge. I'm very clean, and groomed and exercise regularly. I think subliminally it's a sort of expression of my sexuality. That there is only one layer between you and my sugar lumps, to quote Flight of the Chonchords.

Whatever blows your skirt up.

Joey -

Telido said...

easy access is always a plus of going commando.

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