Style Report | Man-gagement Ring?

"The song may be called “Single Ladies,” but it turns out more and more guys are putting on their own engagement rings to seal the deal.
According to ABC News, the so-called “man-gagement” ring trend is spreading.
"All the girls want everyone to know that their guy is taken, and there's no better way than to see a ring on his finger," said Diane Frassanito at Frassanito Jewelers in Huntington, N.Y.
One of the more famous trendsetters is Jennifer Hudson, who slipped a $15,000 Neil Lane ring on then-boyfriend David Otunga.
"If you think about it, a woman is engaged and wears an engagement ring on her finger, oftentimes [for] north of a year. And a guy's engaged during that same time and walks into a bar as a free man,” Brad Gross of H.L Gross & Bro. Jewelers told ABC. “So I think for $350, $400 for a woman to claim her territory, it's catching on pretty quickly."
A recent study on revealed that 45% of women would consider buying their main squeeze a man-gagement ring. The 55% opposed to the rings said their partners would not likely be interested in the idea.
Though many jewelers say that the male fiancés are reluctant when they walk in with their soon-to-be blushing brides, shoppers like Jarrett Gabel insist that’s not so.
"She's not forcing at all," he told ABC News of his fiancé Jennifer. "She wouldn't make me do anything that I wouldn't want to do."
And when Gabel’s wedding day rolls around next summer, he’s got big plans for his new bling.
"I think what we'll end up doing, I think, is wearing [the engagement ring] on my other hand," Gabel said. "I've heard that's a good option. Otherwise, there's a lot of talk about handing it down, making it a family heirloom."
-NY Daily News


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Why on earth would you choose to wear a man-gagement ring if you didnt have to?

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