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Thanksgiving is long gone now--although the extra 5lbs you gained is still intact--so that means the Christmas season is officially upon us. In DC that's code for Christmas party after Christmas party. The good thing about that is tons of free food, open bars, eggnog, Christmas bonuses, and perhaps a couple of gifts as well. On the other hand, that means a few black tie events. Don't get me wrong, I love black tie events and the whole pomp of wearing a tuxedo. Unfortunately, most men aren't me; either they just don't know the proper way to wear a tux or they could care less. In any affect, Ive got the low-down on How to Wear a Tux, because after a lifetime of living in DC its become clear that the my gender needs all the help we can get. Here are a few tips to keep at hand:
-If you have yet to make the conclusion that it is smarter to buy a tux than to rent one that expires in the New Year...what the hell are you waiting for!?! But to get the most out of your purchase, buy a timeless tux. You want a peak-lapel jacket with either one or two buttons, they always remain classic. Stay away from anything overly-slim or flared, not only do they become ill-fitting, they usually are trends as well. And if your tuxedo is well-tailored, it should last you for years to come!
-What truly makes a tux is its lapels. While a peak-lapel is the most classic, in modern times a notch-lapel has become the standard. I, however, prefer a shawl-lapel (above). Its still an old-time classic yet sets you apart from the crowd.
-As for collars, steer clear of wings. A wing collar alludes a rental, whereas a conventional one symbols ownership.
-As for a cummerbund, dont even go there. Unless your going to the prom opt for suspenders instead.
-As for accessories, ditch those shiny tux shoes and go for a pair of well-polished black lace-ups instead. For your timepiece and cuff links, size matters! Go with something as slim and classic as your tux.
-In modern days, you can opt for a Little Black Suit instead of a tux. Just make sure its right - head over to Little Black Suit for some help with that.


Jelle said...

Great tips. I think its time for me to purchase one, those Mens Warehouse suits are becoming tiresome.

Ms. Renee said...

CapitolHillStyle retweeded this and I must say im impressed. I will be emailing this link to my husband because he needs all the help he can get, but declines taking tips from a female.

pqresident said...

great post!

for tuxes, the most classic bowtie to wear is the one you tie yourself. clip-arounds are OK but wearing the real thing can't be beat although it takes some practice to get the tying part down properly. some try to show a little flair with the bowtie by sporting an unusual pattern or different color. it's much cheaper to experiment with the bowtie styles than it is with the actual tux jacket styles.

James said...

I think I prefer the Little Black Suit. More comfort!

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