Style Report | The Black Suit

Most men have experience with black suits that center around a praiseworthy rendition of "Shout" or a corpse. For all its omnipresence, the suit noir is still affectionately considered evening-only attire outside the funeral home and church. But I think it's time to let that 'special occasion' uniform out for some air and sun, sans the mourning of a death or Sundays. For what its worth, there are few items of clothing more handsome on a man, and it is the only time a man should be described as chic. Plus, its idiotproof (if you look anything less than stylish in a black suit...Houston, we have a problem). Pair it with a white shirt, pink shirt, blue shirt, a black tie, sans tie, wing tips, or sneakers. Either way—you'll still come out looking chic.
Bradley Cooper is an example of the many ways to wear a black suit(though not limited to), and its idiotproof nature—he comes off looking chic everytime. So embrace the black suit, if for no other reason than its moderate yet satifying appearance. You can't go wrong.


Mr A said...

I love Bradley Cooper's style. He has really done an upgrade since being on the Hangover.

RyanBun said...

The black on black looks great...chic, if you will.

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