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The influence and hold that Mad Men has on our culture is quite astonishing, given its set during a time that most Americans are happy to have behind us. I adore the culture of the 60s: the clothes, the cars, the lingo, their dance moves, and their pure acceptance of an afternoon cocktail; the prejudice towards women, blacks, and anyone out of the norm, however, not so much. But I will gladly admit to having been bitten by the Mad Men bug and catching a bad case of the 'man crush' for Don Drapper (aka Jon Hamm). His style is pretty much genius - a constant display of indestructible gray business suits. If that doesn't speak Spring 2010, then nothing does. Woven by lightweight, high-twist wools are what give them their indestructibility - or for lack of a better term, wrinkle-proof. In a process that results in such a fabric, the finest, softest fibers are coiled tightly together.
And this allows for travel and comfort, all while encased in a business suit, not to mention its season-viability. Jon Hamm models an example of what suits should look like for fall & will be like for Spring 2010 in GQ, and is it just me or does he look like he is in costume for Mad Men?
Suit, $3,150; Shirt, $395; both by Giorgio Armani; Tie, $105, by Emporio Armani; Sunglasses by Ray-Ban; Belt by Martin Dingman


De said...

Nice point. That Armani suit looks as if it belongs on the Mad Men set. Every so often do we see pop culture affect mainstream designers for the better. Today the majority of suit choices encompass slim cut suits with narrower arms, flat front pants and jackets that are proportionately correct. (it never hurts to do the bottom of the jacket hand cuff check though) Everyone from top designers to middle of the road retailers like BR and classics like Brooks Brothers have been inspired to present a modern fit suit to the market. (Brooks even has a signature Mad Men suit) I think we’re all benefiting for the most part,well, at least I am. :)

District Cut said...

I discussed the Brooks Brothers suit here

JKJ said...

Flat front trouser are definitely taking a big splurge this year, and probably onward.

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