Style Report | Hair Tips by Zac Efron

I assume that he has a swoon-worthy head of brunette locks that are envied by many, but then again I wouldn't know - Ive got the hair of a difference grain and race so Ive never paid much attention, until now.
In any affect, in the latest issue of TIME magazine, Zac Efron reveals how he gets that effortless I-dont-give-a-fuck head of hair, and his method is quite literal. And while I'm not entirely sure I believe him, its worth a try.
"I've never told anyone this before. This is a hair scoop. Shower before you go to bed, and then sleep on your wet hair. Towel-dry it. In the morning, it's all messed up naturally. If you have that messed-up thing going when you wake up, it's more willing to stay that way. That's Zac's hair tip.


Leg. Ass. said...

The mohawk in that picture looks really cool. Very "Elvis" inspired and unusual. Tips on how to do that?

James said...

I dont buy it. This guy's hair looks like its been perfectly coiffed all the time.

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