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A phenomenon that never seems to subside in DC is an over-abundance of overcoats. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. An overcoat is virtually impossible to deliver a horrid display, and its a generic fashion so over-abundance is expected. Moreover, for the most part this is a style that all spectrum of DC seem to have a handle on - they look great with the suits that inhabit Capitol Hill and provide a cool edge and contrast to the casual indie vibe that encompasses the U-Street Corridor and Adams Morgan. Sadly, another growing fad that I have noticed recently is that a few Washingtonian men fall burden to what I like to call an 'over-overcoat'. To put it simply, they are too damn big! But with so much attention given to suits and what goes under it, it's understandable to give outerwear the short end of the stick. This shouldn't be the case with an overcoat, however. An overcoat is not a transit type of garment but rather the final piece to the equation, thus it should be treated like one of the most important pieces of clothing you own. Here are a few tips to consider the next time you purchase an overcoat, because it requires some specifics:
  1. Length is an important factor to consider - it can make or break you, so to speak. But when it comes to this aspect, every man tends to differ. Find your preference, or have your tailor find it for you. But keep in mind that although overcoats traditionally drifted past the calf, in modern days they should stop just above the knee.
  2. For the shorter bunch, ignore the conventional rule of length (above) and decide upon a overcoat a tad shorter - think of it in terms of an extended jacket. It should stop mid-thigh and be long enough to cover your suit jacket. Its magic, and creates the illusion of height.
  3. When it comes to sleeves, they shouldn't drown your hand nor neglect it your wrist. They should hit at the point where your wrist becomes your hand, no longer no shorter. Or in retrospect, an inch past your suit sleeves.
After the jump, view some of the season's most striking overcoats from top designers. Get inspiration and embrace the trends in your own wardrobe.

Louis Vuitton


Calvin Klein Collection

Emporio Armani



Rainier said...

Great tips. I love an overcoat and the coats above are amazing.

RyanBun said...

I especially like that Hermes coat.

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