Exclusive Report | No Jimmy Choo for H&M in DC

The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection has received world renown attention and grown into an over-advertised range, no doubt taking on a life of its own. Obtaining more press in only a few months time than H&M and Jimmy Choo have independently in a year, it has caused loads of lusting women and men to wait with much anticipation and impatience for its November 14 debut in select stores. So its understandable that I have a bit of a bone to pick with the retailer for what is a major slap in the face for the DC area. Heck, I have an enormous amount of rage built up and my only hope is that I can conjure it up to do something productive...like write a big fat writ of complaint to the 'folks upstairs' at H&M about the major blow.
While there are multiple H&M locations in the DC area, not one of them has been selected to initially carry the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection - and by initially, its worth noting that they don't give any foresight as to when the District will get its share of Jimmy Choo goods, or whether we will at all (SLAP!). I find this especially appalling considering we are a major city. Scratch that, we are the city; the nation's capital; the seat of the government; the representative of the United States to the rest of the world. So how exactly is it that you look at a map and decide to disregard shipping such an over-advertised and produced collection to the city with the big arrogant star on it? Baffles me.
But okay, Ill give them the benefit of the doubt that we don't deserve such special privileges just because we are the nation's capital (even though we do). They add insult to injury, however, when you factor in how successful H&M locations perform in this area. I may not have numbers, charts, graphs, or a contact for the Chief Financial Officer of Hennes & Mauritz, but what I do have is common sense. And common sense says that H&M obviously does well in the DC area considering new locations keep popping up faster than you can pronounce Hennes & Mauritz. In fact, today a new H&M is opening in Lakeforest Mall (the first 100 shoppers will receive an H&M Access to Fashion Pass with random values of $10, $25, $50, $75, or $100) - add that to the Georgetown and Metro Center locations in DC, and countless stores in the nearby suburbs. Don't give us more stores if we can't reap the full benefits! Not only is it an "F-You" to all your loyal costumers (of which I am one of them), but it also is a horrible business-policy that will only result in a major financial-miss. In the words of Miranda Priestly, "Its just baffling to me..."
And my intent for this post isn't to start a full-on boycott of H&M locations in DC because I will continue to shop at H&M, with anger in my heart all the while. Its really just to vent.
But let me end by saying this...while First Lady Michelle Obama is filling the White House with pieces from J. Crew and Talbots for the entire First Family to wear to White House events, H&M can forget their probable-hopes of getting her 'money maker' right to bear arms in any of their garments (because anything those arms are spotted in instantly flies off the shelves and make money) since DC area H&M's get the short end of the stick.
So how will you cope with being overly-teased for no reason? Me, Ill cope by having unhealthy, copious amounts of sex with stranger. But that's just me...I'd advise you to have lovely lustful dreams of what could have been.


Mr. C said...

You make very valid points. Perhaps you should be 'upstairs' at H&M.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the world's way of telling DC that we don't think your cool just because of the Obamas.

JKJ said...

Oh please. We have always been cool, the world just tends to focus on Capitol Hill and Senators more than the creative bunch.
Furthermore, H&M is just screwing us over on this one. We were one of the first cities to get the Matthew Williamson collection.

Ryan said...

nothing helps with anger like sex with strangers.

Anonymous said...

Im boycotting!

Glamour Girl said...

To JKJ we got the second release of the Matthew Williamson collection and it was the left overs. We've never been on H&M's radar and that's got to change. I am boycotting and urge Washingtonians to boycott as well. If you are on twitter copy and past this:

RT @GlamazonDiaries: My H&M Boycott: http://bit.ly/1Slpqp. Boycotting @hmusa @hm for lack of Jimmy Choo in DC

Anonymous said...

The H&M in Annapolis got it during the first release.

Daymanuel said...

Not sure about womenswear, but men got the Matthew Williamson collection first hand. Maybe they will throw some Jimmy Choo on the mens end, just not the female side.

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