Collection Report | Heath Spring 2010

Heath designer Gentaro Noda went with an approach entirely his own for Spring 2010, leaving many to wonder (manly me) if classic essentials are really the way to go. In a merge between quirkiness and discerning, Heath brings the formalities of 2009 into a modern 2010. Shorts and trousers have been getting higher above the ankle for a while, but this takes the cake and borders 'board shorts' rather than pants, something that is a bit refreshing to see...not so much to wear. Blazers are present in their usual form, only overpowered by a noticeable lack of color (come on, its spring!). Somehow, however, he makes up for it with busy checkered patterns that provide the perfect show for the eye to see. And while the entire collection is a bit surprising given its season, its an odd mix between 'hip and class' that seems to have a place in my heart.


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