Shoe Report | YMC Pony Hair Desert Boot

Here is a particular breed that has strayed away from the herd, and with good cause and reason. I have spoke enormously about desert boots and their essentialness for the fall and winter seasons, and while most stick to the grain of dark or light brown suede, YMC has chosen to do an original number with pony hair. Yes, you heard right - pony hair. Despite how hideous this may sound, the look is quintessentially stylish and a tad bit avant garde. Their first pair of pony hair desert boots stick to the mode of green; YMC has since changed things up a bit and now they offer this Assembly exclusive of deep black (it appears almost navy blue, which may be a plus or a negative, depending on the person). Imagine 'all black everything' in different shades - it makes for the perfect outfit. Available now at Assembly.
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Rainier said...

ick! These look ridiculous.

Justin said...

I like them, they are practical with a huge uniqueness. They probably dont get dirty or leave marks either.

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