Buy Report | John Smedley ‘Brennan’ Purple Trousers

Trousers...where to start? I can easily say that they are an essential, and I don't think there is any need to elaborate. Plain and simple, if you don't have a few pairs then you aren't a man; if you don't have a single pair then I beg to question, do you even have a Y chromosome?
But seriously, they offer the greatest versatility that you could ask for: they are perfect for work-wear yet work well with casual. Plus, they are so much cooler than jeans.
These John Smedley trousers are cooler than cool, not to mention tame enough for the workplace. Not only are they purple, but the fabric looks good with any footwear - brogues, desert boots, you name it. And if you've got a nice sock collection, these will compliment them exceptionally - they are unfinished and perfect for roll ups. Available now via John Smedley.


Anonymous said...

Interesting sock pairing.

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