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Disregard the big ass in the picture, I mean that in a literal sense, Amber Rose is a beauty and all but her backside is a little distracting in this case.
Sure Kanye has proven himself a jackass in the past - President Obama's words, not mine - but that doesn't take away from his amazing sense of style. The dude can dress. That is why it is nothing but befitting for us to look towards him for style inspiration today. Unlike practically every other color seen by the natural eye, black is one that you can't overdose on. Kanye has proven this time and time again, choosing to go with the 'black on black on black' combination back to back. Look towards the left for a great example of how this can be done in a formal sense. While I don't exactly approve of the footwear , which can easily be replaced by a wonderful pair of black wingtips, the rest of the look is near perfection with every 't crossed and i dotted'. Even menial details like his choice of wrist wear and pocket square are in sync with the black look. And contrasting the fabric of his bow tie and shirt is a clear example of his style, considering matching the fabrics would have ruined the look completely. Not the bow tie type, you can easily do the same with a basic tie and match the fabric with the lapels of your suit jacket. And adding the star factor that is practically included in his DNA, his black wayfarer-inspired sunglasses are simple yet over the top. Too often do DC natives look towards the traditional white shirt to accompany their ill-fitting suit, only to top it off with a wide, patriotic tie. The black on black look is that much simpler and every bit more stylish. And trust me, you want look like a 'trying too hard buffoon', you will look like you bought your clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, then forgotten about them. Which, if you are unaware, is how a man should look at all times. More photos of style icon Kanye West after the jump.


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he is an ass.

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