Editor's Letter | The Black Issue

Like that of so many before us - yes, we are refering to you Vogue Italia - today we are launching our Black Issue. Everything featured today on District Cut will have one thing in common, they will be black! This year makes it especially important given the big comeback of basics...and what's more basic than black. Black also happens to be rather complex, deep in meaning and depth. It can represent nothing, represent everything, represent good, or represent everything evil. The beauty that is black has shown itself true time and time again and the powerfulness of the color is even more present today than ever. Expect for this to be an annually celebration, or perhaps seasonal - as black isn't just limited to the fall and winter months. Learn the tricks of the trade and gain inspiration in your own wardrobe to add some depth to it. Join us in our celebration of black!

-Editor, just call me Ant.


Jeff Sim said...

Really cool idea.

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