Buy Report | Satyenkumar Corduroy Cardigan/Blazer

Ive already expressed my love for corduroy as a hot trend for the season - here - but it remained to be a material that I'd rather see kept off of blazers. That was then, this is now. Though its technically called a ‘cardigan tailored jacket’ I like the term 'blazigan' or cardigan/blazer. Either way, it features elements of both, with top and low pockets and lapel-esque endings. Though Satyenkumar is a brand that tends to step into the avant-garde mode, this is a perfect piece from the brand that can easily walk the halls of Capitol Hill or the U-Street Corridor. Priced just under £500, its not covered by any stimulus package so you will need to dig deep into your pockets...but is it not worth it?! Available via Oki-Ni.


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