New York Fashion Week | Spurr Spring 2010

Musing from a time when suiting was an essential element to a man's closet, designer Simon Spurr channels luxury in order to bring back the lost elegance of the past to modern times. Suiting takes the forefront and creates a base for the rest of the collection to follow, and follow is what it does. Shying away from the dark tones of the fall, corals and yellows are centralized with other colors surrounding, creating a quality that is straight from another time. As suiting is the foundation, Spurr separates suiting pieces for everyday use and flexibility - pairing suit jackets with denim and flat-front trousers, among others. With ease of everyday life, pieces vary from elegant suiting to classic casuals and the collection touches on basis that anyone can relate to. Diversity is throughout - in color and components - that brings together a clean, elegant, and timeless aesthetic that will always remain relevant.


div style="text-align: left;">Image Source: The Fashionisto


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